Saint David's online giving system provides a convenient and secure way to donate to the church. However, you need to take appropriate precautions when transmitting financial information over the internet. "Appropriate precautions" means using well-constructed passwords and preventing access to them. When passwords are compromised, your financial information is in jeopardy. Here are some basics on password construction:

  • Use long passwords with upper and lower case letters and numbers mixed in.

  • Use unique passwords for your important accounts, including your account at Saint David's.

  • Never share you passwords with anybody and keep them in a secure place. If you have too many passwords, try using password management software.

  • There is much information about password security on the Internet. Here is some password security information from Google.

To protect your passwords you need to avoid "phishing", that is, an electronic scheme perpetrated by hackers on the unsuspecting. For information about phishing and how to avoid it, here is some information on phishing from Sophos. Although not free in spite of their teaser advertising, there is anti-malware software available from many vendors that can help prevent phishing attacks.

By clicking the button below, you affirm that you understand the security issues pertaining to the use of this web site. 

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